New Delhi: As his fast entered the second day, yoga guru Ramdev today asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to demostrate “political honesty and political will” in bringing back black money stashed away in foreign shores which can be spent on empowering the people.

He also claimed that terrorism and Naxalism in the country can be tackled if the government controls the flow of black money and the rising inflation.

“The government has the list of people who have stashed away black money in foreign shores. We don’t want the names of those people, but at least disclose the amount at least. What is the harm in it? Why is the government reluctant?” he asked.

He said India can become the ‘super power’ in the world and the army can become more powerful than those in China and the US if the black money is brought back and spent on people and national security.

“We need an honest Prime Minister. I want the current Prime Minister to demonstrate his political honesty and political will on the issue of blackmoney,” he said addressing the gathering at his three-day fast venue at Ramlila Ground here.

He also said that the government has to spell out its agenda on black money, corruption and Lokpal by tomorrow.

“Many people say I have no agenda. The agenda is to save the country. The people of the country will ask the government and all parties to spell out their agenda,” he said.

If the black money is brought to India, then the country can boast of world-class hospitals, educational institutions and other facilities, he said.

“Terrorism and naxalism are the two challenges. The root cause of this is black money. The menace can be tackled if the issue is solved,” he said.